SK Hynix Unveils 300TB SSD to Fuel AI Growth

South Korean firm unveils new 300TB SSD to prepare for AI needs

SK Hynix has announced the development of an SSD storage drive with an unprecedented capacity of 300 terabytes. The drive is being introduced as part of SK Hynix’s new product and technology portfolio to enhance AI capabilities in data centers and personal devices.

According to market analysts, the total volume of data generated globally will increase from 15 zettabytes in 2014 to 660 zettabytes in 2030 in the era of artificial intelligence. This massive amount of information will require storage space, and this is where 100TB hard drives and 300TB SSDs will play a more prominent role.

Currently, there are no specific details about the price of SK Hynix’s 300TB SSDs or other details, but it can be said that the demand for high-capacity and high-performance storage will increase significantly in the coming years.

SK Hynix is ​​looking to compete more heavily with companies like Samsung and Nimbus Data with its 300TB SSD drives. These two companies currently do not have 300TB SSDs.

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