Temporarily Suspended: Video Portal Between New York and Dublin

Exciting video portal facilitating constant video communication between New York and Dublin has temporarily deactivated due to inappropriate behavior by the public.

The installation of portals in both Dublin and New York allowed residents from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to have continuous public video communication with each other.

According to The Independent, while initially residents attempted friendly communication with welcoming signs, the situation quickly turned chaotic. A person in front of the portal stripped naked to attract attention, and several other similar behaviors were reported in front of the mentioned portal.

It is said that one Dubliner used the video communication portal to show images of an attack on the Twin Towers to New Yorkers via their phone. A week after the launch of the portal between New York and Dublin, authorities from both cities decided to temporarily suspend it due to the turmoil created.

A spokesperson for the Dublin City Council admitted to The Independent that while most interactions through the portal with New York have been positive, instances of inappropriate behavior have also been observed. The City Council later announced that they will use technical solutions to address the issue but did not provide specific details.

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