OpenAI GPT Store Goes Free: Custom Chatbots and AI Tools for Everyone

OpenAI’s GPT Store custom shop is now freely available to everyone.

OpenAI is making several features of the GPT Store that were previously exclusive to paid subscribers available to its free users. The most important feature is the ability to create custom chatbots and browse the GPT Store.

OpenAI launched the GPT Store for paid subscribers on January 10th, four months ago. The store allows users to create chatbots called GPTs and share them.

Some of the most popular custom AI bots currently include an image generation bot, a chatbot called Consensus (designed to assist with scientific research), and a logo creation bot.

OpenAI said it will offer a revenue-sharing program based on engagement for GPT creators, which began testing in March. The audience of bots is limited to paid subscribers due to limitations of this feature.

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