Samsung to Enhance Galaxy S25 Battery Life with AI

Samsung is reportedly planning to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the battery life of its Galaxy S25 series smartphones. While details regarding the upcoming flagship lineup remain scarce, recent reports suggest that Samsung’s 2025 flagships will feature Exynos chipsets and more advanced Galaxy AI capabilities.

AI is expected to play a crucial role in improving the battery performance of the Galaxy S25 series. While the physical battery capacity of these devices might not see an increase, smarter AI-powered solutions could contribute to extending their runtime.

Samsung has a history of employing AI to optimize battery life. The company has offered the AI Power Saving feature for years, which leverages user behavior patterns and background task optimization to enhance battery longevity.

According to XDA Developers leaker PandaFlashPro, Samsung’s new battery-saving system will be based on novel concepts and will not rely on throttling CPU and GPU performance or background task optimization.

Further advancements are anticipated for Samsung’s AI-based battery-saving feature in the coming year. Considering the limitations of extending battery life without intelligent performance or background task management, such improvements are noteworthy.

Samsung’s adoption of AI has accelerated this year. The Galaxy S24 lineup marked the debut of Galaxy AI, and these features are expected to extend to the company’s next generation of foldable smartphones.

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