Samsung Forms Dedicated Team to Develop OLED Panels for Apple

Samsung has established a specialized team to develop the OLED panels required by Apple.

For years, Samsung Display has been manufacturing OLED panels for Apple products, including the iPhone. This subsidiary of Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest manufacturer of OLED panels.

Samsung has created a new and dedicated team to manufacture, develop, and oversee OLED panels for Apple products. This team, called “Team A,” is part of the Giheung Research Institute in South Korea.

One reason for Samsung’s move may be to make up for Samsung Display’s lag behind LG and other OLED panel makers, as reports say LG Display has become the main supplier of next-generation OLED panels for Apple tablets.

Samsung Display is striving to regain its position in the production and development of OLED panels by developing new technologies.

Recently, Chinese companies such as BOE and CSOT have entered the competition to produce OLED panels, and Chinese smartphone makers have turned to buying OLED panels from Chinese companies. Apple has also started buying OLED panels from BOE.

Apple is expected to phase out LCD panels altogether in the future, so Samsung is working to improve the quality and performance of its OLED panels to secure more orders from Apple.

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