Microsoft Copilot Gets Smart with Auto-Completion and More

Microsoft Copilot is getting a boost with new features that aim to make it a more powerful tool for completing tasks and staying organized.

Auto-completion: In the coming months, Copilot will offer text auto-completion within the Microsoft 365 suite. As you start typing a prompt, Copilot will suggest ways to complete it with additional details to improve the outcome. For example, if you type “Summarize,” Copilot might suggest summarizing the last 10 unread emails in your inbox.

Elaborate Your Prompt: Microsoft is also introducing a new feature called Elaborate Your Prompt in Copilot for Microsoft 365. This feature will rewrite your prompt to make it more specific and effective.

Catch Up chatbot: Copilot for Microsoft 365 will soon feature a new chatbot interface called Catch Up. This interface will display upcoming meetings in a clear and organized way, along with related documents and other information to help you prepare for the meeting.

Copilot Lab: Microsoft 365 Copilot subscribers will now be able to create, publish, and manage prompts in Copilot Lab. This feature makes it easier to share helpful prompts with colleagues.

These new features are designed to make Copilot a more versatile and valuable tool for Microsoft 365 users. With its ability to automate tasks, provide context-aware suggestions, and connect with other tools, Copilot has the potential to streamline workflows and boost productivity.

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