MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 9300+ Chipset with Enhanced AI and Gaming Capabilities

MediaTek has officially launched the new Dimensity 9300+ chipset, a flagship processor designed for enhanced on-device AI processing and broader support for large language models (LLMs).

The new flagship chipset from the Taiwanese company is compatible with large language models including Gemini Nano, Llama 2, and Llama 3. MediaTek claims that this extensive compatibility with LLMs, coupled with LoRA technology, will power a rich ecosystem of generative AI applications.

MediaTek says the Dimensity 9300+ is the first chipset to deliver 22 tokens-per-second performance on the seven-billion parameter version of Llama 2.

The Dimensity 9300+ leverages MediaTek’s NeuroPilot technology to enhance AI processing. The APU 790 AI engine enables the execution of large language models – from one billion to 33 billion parameters.

MediaTek’s new chipset consumes up to 20% less power in specific gaming scenarios and features Star Speed Engine technology to optimize mobile network connectivity.

The Dimensity 9300+ is built on TSMC’s four-nanometer lithography and features four powerful Cortex-X4 cores, one of which operates at 3.4GHz and three others at 2.85GHz. There are four Cortex-A720 mid-range cores clocked at 2.0GHz and no low-power cores.

The MediaTek flagship processor integrates the second generation of hardware ray tracing engine with the Immortalis-G720 graphics unit. The chip features a new Imagiq 990 ISP for enhanced camera capabilities and MiraVision 990 for improved visual content processing.

The Dimensity 9300+ is equipped with an R16 5G modem with support for Sub-6GHz networks. The first smartphones to use the new MediaTek processor will be the Vivo X100s and the iQOO Neo 9S Pro. It is unlikely that using this chip will significantly increase the price of the phone.

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