Huawei Kirin PC: A Potential Rival to Intel and Apple CPUs

Huawei is aiming to compete with tech giants like Intel and Apple by developing its own Kirin PC chip.

A Chinese leakster has shared the specifications of Huawei’s upcoming Kirin PC processor on Weibo. Huawei appears to be building a processor that can compete with Apple and Intel products in terms of performance.

The Kirin PC chip is said to be based on the Taishan v130 architecture and have an 8-core configuration with a base clock speed of 2.5GHz. Other features of the SoC include a 10-core graphics processor codenamed Ma Liang 920.

According to reports, the Kirin PC chip scored 11,640 in the Geekbench 6 multi-core test with a power consumption of 30 watts. This score puts Huawei’s chip in the same league as Apple’s M2 processor and Intel’s Core i7-13700H processor, which scored 10,064 and 12,203, respectively, in the same test.

The Kirin PC is said to have scored 1,130 and 8,765 in the Geekbench 5 single-core and multi-core tests, respectively. The processor scored 6,490 in the 3D Mark Wild Life Extreme test with a power consumption of 20 watts.

In the Cinebench R24 benchmark, the Huawei Kirin PC computer processor scored a total CPU score of 72, a single-core score of 680, and a multi-core score of 1,695.

The Kirin PC chip is said to support up to 32GB of LPDDR5-6400 RAM with a 128-bit bus and a bandwidth of 100GB/s. Other features of the processor include support for up to 2TB of SSD storage and three USB-4 ports.

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