HarmonyOS-Powered EVs Sales Surge in May, Huawei Aims for Smart Auto Leadership

Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system is making a splash in the electric vehicle (EV) market, with sales of HarmonyOS-powered EVs reaching a remarkable 6,600 units in the first three days of May. This impressive figure follows the sale of 105,000 HarmonyOS-equipped vehicles in April, further cementing the Chinese tech giant’s strong position in the burgeoning EV market.

According to Huawei Central, 2,700 HarmonyOS-powered EVs were sold on the first day of May, with 952 of them being AITO M5 models and 865 being AITO M7s. This strong start to the month bodes well for Huawei’s continued success in the EV space.

Yu Chengdong, President of Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU, announced at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show that sales of HarmonyOS-based EVs reached an astounding 105,000 units in the first four months of the year, and this upward trend is expected to continue.

In another event, Yu Chengdong stated that 2024 will be a pivotal year for Huawei’s profitability in the smart car solutions sector. According to him, Huawei’s advanced and practical technological solutions for electric vehicles promise to bring new milestones for the company.

Huawei has also unveiled a new software brand called Qiankun for intelligent driving solutions, demonstrating its commitment to becoming a leader in the automotive solutions industry and mastering the core technologies in this field.

Based on HarmonyOS Next’s statistics and Huawei’s ambitious plans, it seems that this is just the beginning, and we can expect to see even more success for HarmonyOS-powered smart cars in the near future.

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