10 Windows Features That Will Be Removed Soon

In the next update of the Windows operating system, in addition to introducing new features and programs, we will see the removal of some features. Many users only realize this when they want to use a specific feature or an old program.

You may have never used programs like WordPad or Windows-to-Go and Homegroup, but it’s interesting to know that these programs will soon be removed from Windows.

1. WordPad will no longer be part of Windows

Microsoft has announced that WordPad will be completely removed from Windows. This software is still included in Windows 11 build 23H2, but this may change with the update to build 24H2. Currently, this program is no longer being updated.

Microsoft recommends Word Online as an alternative. Google Docs, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice are also useful alternatives.

2. Cortana is no longer available

Copilot will replace Cortana. If you use Cortana, you should familiarize yourself with the AI features of Copilot now.

3. VBScript will be removed from Windows

If you use VBScript for scripting, you need to find an alternative. VBScript will likely be completely removed in Windows 11 build 24H2.

4. WebDAV will no longer be part of Windows

With the removal of WebClient, Microsoft is also removing WebDAV from Windows. With the removal of this protocol, it will no longer be possible to edit and manage files shared on web servers. One of the applications of this protocol was to integrate cloud storage with Windows drives, which will no longer be possible.

5. TLS certificates less than 2,048 bits will be removed

Microsoft wants to end support for TLS certificates with RSA keys less than 2,048 bits in Windows 10 and 11. If you are still using older certificates for applications, they will likely stop working after updating Windows; companies that use web services and Web Apps will be heavily affected.

6. psr.exe will be discontinued

PSR is used to record quick and easy step-by-step steps in Windows for troubleshooting or support. Microsoft wants to completely remove recording from Windows and suggests using the Snipping Tool.

7. Windows Mail and Outlook Express will be removed

Microsoft is replacing Windows Mail with the new and free Outlook app in Windows 10 and 11.

This move has been criticized due to Outlook’s weak features compared to the original Mail app and the fact that all emails are routed through Microsoft servers. Many users are in the process of replacing Windows Mail with Mozilla Thunderbird.

8. Wmic.exe will be discontinued

WMIC provides a lot of system information to the user and allows comprehensive control and management of the Windows device with this feature.

Microsoft is marking wmic.exe as deprecated and this command line will be removed from Windows 10 and 11 forever. Options like PowerShell and cmdlet Get-WmiObject seem useful.

9. Windows-to-Go is no longer part of Windows

With Windows-to-Go, it was previously possible to save Windows on an external hard drive and boot it on different devices. This feature will be removed from Windows and is currently no longer supported.

10. HomeGroup is no longer available in Windows

Microsoft has discontinued support for HomeGroups. If you have created home groups using HomeGroups, you will still have access, but the HomeGroup view will be completely removed from Windows.


Microsoft is constantly removing features from Windows that are no longer used or that have been replaced by better alternatives. It is important to be aware of these changes so that you can find alternatives before they are removed.

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