YouTube’s New Layout Sparks Outrage Among Users

YouTube’s new website design, which relocates video playback page elements to a side column, has sparked user outrage.

YouTube’s appearance has been updated over the years, but the core of its design has not undergone any major changes for a long time.

Based on posts from some users on X (formerly Twitter) and other social networks, it appears that YouTube’s design has undergone major changes that move key elements to the side column, and apparently no one likes this change.

Many YouTube users have noticed the website’s completely new video player design over the past few days. Unlike in the past when video descriptions were placed below the player, this information has now been moved to the right side of the page and comments are also displayed below it.

In the space where YouTube video descriptions were previously displayed, video suggestions are now shown in much larger dimensions than before.

Perhaps the most annoying change to the YouTube website is that video titles have also been moved to the side column, meaning there is almost no separation between suggestions and the video being played. Video suggestions were previously displayed in the side column, while titles, descriptions, and comments were placed below the video.

Reactions to the new YouTube website design have been overwhelmingly negative so far. Users strongly dislike the new look, and some have even pointed out that YouTube with the recent changes looks like some other video sharing websites.

YouTube has confirmed that the change in the design of the platform’s website is just a test. Although this test is being conducted extensively, it is not yet available to all users. Based on the feedback received, it seems that this design will not reach the final stage.

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