YouTube Backtracks on Controversial Redesign After User Backlash

Google has reverted a major redesign of its YouTube desktop platform following a wave of negative feedback from users. The company had been testing the new design with a limited group of users, but the response was overwhelmingly negative. Google has now scrapped the redesign and restored the old design.

The new design moved video titles, descriptions, and comments to the sidebar, and made suggested videos more prominent by displaying them in a horizontal row below the player. The current desktop design, on the other hand, displays descriptions and titles below the video and suggested videos in the sidebar.

YouTube’s appearance has changed significantly in recent years, but it has maintained a consistent look and feel for some time now, with occasional minor tweaks. It seems that users are not particularly keen on the idea of a “radical” or “major” redesign.

The new YouTube design was not available to all users, but it still generated a lot of negative feedback. Some users were simply more accustomed to the previous design, while others experienced problems such as “videos disappearing when reading comments” when using the new version.

It is not yet clear whether Google has permanently abandoned the redesign or whether it will try it again in the future. However, according to Reddit users, the redesign is no longer available.

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