Xbox Series Z: Rumors, Specs, and Release Date

People all over the internet are talking about the Xbox Series Z. But is this console actually in the works?

The Xbox Series Z console has been the subject of much discussion in recent weeks, sparking the question of whether Microsoft is actually working on such a product. The Series Z console does not officially exist and is apparently a fan-made term that refers to Microsoft’s next possible Xbox console or handheld gaming device in the future.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is likely to release a dedicated handheld console in the not-too-distant future, and the device may be called the Xbox Series Z.


Does the Xbox Series Z exist?

Many people in online gaming forums and Reddit refer to the Xbox Series Z console. This console is not yet real; however, its introduction in the future does not seem unlikely.

The letter “Z” for Microsoft’s next console is chosen inspired by the names of the two current consoles, namely the Xbox Series S (S) and Xbox Series X (X).


What will the Xbox Series Z hardware be like?

Currently, the hardware specifications of the next Xbox are unknown. Current speculation suggests a handheld gaming console. This idea seems plausible due to some statements by Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming.

A handheld console would allow Microsoft to find a whole new audience beyond the current console market. The Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck are successful hybrid (home and handheld) gaming consoles. With the addition of a handheld console to the Xbox lineup, people could play their games outside the home and rely on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

A few years ago, leaked documents revealed that Microsoft was exploring ideas for a hybrid or handheld Xbox console.

Sarah Bond, head of Xbox, hinted last winter that hardware teams at Xbox are working on delivering “the biggest generational leap” in Microsoft’s next gaming console model.

Due to the natural limitations of handheld gaming consoles such as heat, power, and physical space, all of which pose different design challenges, it seems unlikely that Bond was referring to a handheld device. However, this does not rule out the possibility of a handheld console in the future.

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