World’s First 10-Gigabit Cloud Internet Network Unveiled

Shanghai, China – The world’s first 10-gigabit cloud internet network has been launched in Shanghai, China. The network, which is capable of downloading a 90-gigabyte file in just 72 seconds, is a collaboration between China Telecom Shanghai and the local government of the Yangpu district.

The new service, dubbed F5G-A (Advanced All-Optical Network), uses a 50G-PON infrastructure to deliver a staggering 10-gigabit cloud bandwidth.

To put that into perspective, if you wanted to download a two-hour 8K movie, which is about 90 gigabytes in size, it would take you several hours if you lived in a developing country. Even in a developed country, it would still take you 12 to 15 minutes with standard broadband. With China’s new 10G cloud internet, however, you could download that same 90-gigabyte movie in just 72 seconds.

The 10G cloud internet network has the potential to completely transform the way we live, work, and interact online. From streaming 3D content to interacting with our cars and smart homes, high bandwidth will eliminate latency and allow users to experience online services seamlessly and without interruption.

Key features of the 10G cloud internet network:

  • 10-gigabit cloud bandwidth
  • 50G-PON infrastructure
  • 72-second download time for a 90-gigabyte file
  • Potential to transform the way we live, work, and interact online

Potential applications of the 10G cloud internet network:

  • Streaming 3D content
  • Interacting with cars and smart homes
  • Online gaming
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Telepresence
  • Remote education
  • Cloud computing

The launch of the 10G cloud internet network in Shanghai is a major milestone in the development of next-generation internet technologies. It remains to be seen how widely this technology will be adopted, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we use the internet.


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