Windows 11 Gets Closer to Windows 10

Good news for Windows 10 diehards who struggle with the new Windows 11 interface: Microsoft has released a new update for preview users that makes Windows 11 look more like Windows 10.

Here are the key changes:

The widget button is back in the right corner: The new Windows 11 update changes the position of the widget button for users who have the taskbar aligned to the left. This is done to better display the content of the widgets. Previously, the text next to the widget icon was hidden in left-aligned mode to be more consistent with the overall look of the operating system.

Taskbar changes: With the new change in Windows 11, the widget button now looks very similar to the News and Interests button that Microsoft added to Windows 10 before the release of Windows 11.

Widget changes: The widget changes in the Windows 11 update only apply to users who have left-aligned the taskbar. If your icons are centered, you will not see any changes.

Easier sharing and improved backup: According to XDA, the new Windows 11 update allows users to share links, addresses of files stored in the cloud, and more directly using QR codes. This feature makes it very easy to share files with smartphones around the computer.

Drag and drop support: The ability to drag and drop files between different parts of the file explorer path has been added, making it easier to move images from subfolders to the main folder.

Backup improvements: The new Windows 11 update also includes improvements in the backup section. You can now back up your sound settings, including your chosen sound scheme, so that you can restore them when you set up a new computer. You can also now directly sign in to your Microsoft account to create a backup within this program.

Lock screen updates: The Windows 11 update provides a richer lock screen experience by allowing you to display more widgets, such as weather, stocks, and sports scores.

Overall, the new Windows 11 update brings some welcome changes that make the operating system more familiar and user-friendly for Windows 10 users.


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