Will the price of the ad-free version of Instagram go down?

Meta is likely to reduce the price of its subscription service for Instagram and Facebook to address concerns from the European Union.

According to a report by Reuters, Meta has proposed reducing the price of the subscription version of Instagram and Facebook to address concerns from regulatory bodies in the European Union. This version removes all ads and has other benefits compared to the free version.

Tim Lamb, Meta’s lawyer, said at a hearing with representatives of the European Commission that the company has proposed reducing the monthly subscription fee “from €9.99 to €5.99 per account and €4 for additional accounts.” Meta’s goal is to “reach a stable settlement” and this proposal comes after talks with European regulators.

Lamb said Meta hopes that Europe’s concerns about Facebook and Instagram’s subscription services will be allayed soon.

Meta launched its ad-free subscription service late last year in response to Europe’s crackdown on data collection and processing policies. Meta said at the time that it hopes the new subscription service will allow it to remain within the framework of the GDPR and DMA regulations in Europe. Meta’s subscription service is available in the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Shortly after the subscription service was launched, consumer groups raised concerns. Specifically, eight consumer groups have filed a complaint against Meta, accusing the company of violating GDPR rules. It is unclear whether the price reduction of the subscription service will address the concerns of these groups.

Additional Information

  • The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation in the European Union that outlines the rights of individuals and the obligations of organizations that control or process personal data.
  • The DMA (Digital Markets Act) is a regulation in the European Union that aims to create a fairer and more competitive digital market.


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