WhatsApp Introduces Event Planning Feature to Streamline Group Activities

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is introducing a new feature to simplify event planning and organization within group chats. This feature will make it easier for friends and organizations like schools to arrange both virtual and in-person gatherings.

The WhatsApp Events feature empowers group members to schedule events such as birthday parties, work meetings, and other occasions. This new WhatsApp functionality resembles Evite, which allows users to send online invitations via email.

Newly created events will be pinned to the group’s information page, and a dedicated thread will be generated for each event, enabling everyone to check who is attending.

The Events feature is currently available within WhatsApp Communities but will be rolled out to all groups in the coming months. WhatsApp Communities offers functionalities similar to Slack and Discord, including group admin privileges, the ability to create threads for specific topics, and the option to post announcements.

WhatsApp Communities will also leverage the platform’s 32-person video calling feature, allowing users to initiate video calls with the entire group instead of calling individual members.

Announcement Groups, where admins can share updates, will gain a new feature that enables group members to respond with feedback and comments on admins’ announcements. WhatsApp is also introducing a mute option for chats, allowing only those who wish to participate in discussions to do so.

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