US Expands Chip Export Restrictions to China to Include Laptops

The Biden administration has further tightened restrictions on chip exports to China, including laptops containing Nvidia chips. The new rules, which run 166 pages, will go into effect on April 4.

The US government is concerned that China could use advanced US chip technology to strengthen its military. In October 2023, the US government banned the export of advanced Nvidia AI chips to China.

The new rules expand the restrictions to laptops containing those AI chips. The US government is also considering adding Chinese chipmakers to a blacklist that would bar them from receiving key US technology.

The Chinese government has condemned the US restrictions, saying they are a violation of international trade rules. Chinese chipmakers are working to develop their own technologies to reduce their reliance on US technology.


The US government’s decision to expand chip export restrictions to China is a significant escalation in the trade war between the two countries. The move is likely to have a major impact on the Chinese tech industry, which is heavily reliant on US chip technology.

The Chinese government is likely to retaliate against the US restrictions, which could further escalate the trade war. The trade war is already having a negative impact on the global economy, and the latest escalation is likely to further dampen economic growth.

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