US DOJ Sues Apple for Monopolizing Mobile Market

The US Department of Justice filed a major lawsuit against Apple on Wednesday, accusing the company of monopolizing the mobile market. Hours after the US government’s press release was published, the Justice Department held a short briefing with reporters to provide additional details.

According to a CNBC report, a Justice Department official did not rule out the possibility of Apple being broken up, saying that if the US government succeeds in court, they may seek “structural relief.”

The possibility of Apple being broken up comes as the tech giant is one of the biggest brands in the world and ranks among the most successful and recognizable American brands. Apple has hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenue.

The Justice Department’s case focuses primarily on the iPhone, but also touches on other areas such as the advertising business, browser, FaceTime, and even the news section.

The new case could take years to reach a conclusion, and if the US government is successful, we will undoubtedly see major changes in Apple’s policies. Apple’s stock fell more than 4% in response to the US Department of Justice’s statement.

Here are some additional details from the lawsuit:

  • The Justice Department alleges that Apple has a monopoly on the market for iOS apps and in-app purchases.
  • The DOJ also alleges that Apple has used its monopoly power to harm competition and consumers.
  • The DOJ is seeking a court order that would require Apple to make changes to its business practices.

The lawsuit is a major development in the antitrust case against Apple. It remains to be seen whether the DOJ will be successful in its case, but the lawsuit could have a significant impact on Apple’s business.

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