Ubisoft Accused of Copying Call of Duty

Ubisoft has been accused of copying Call of Duty in its new game, but the company denies the allegations.

Ubisoft has a history of struggling to release games, from Skull and Bones to Beyond Good and Evil 2. Now, it seems that another one of the company’s projects is facing similar problems.

The release of the multiplayer shooter XDefiant has been delayed several times in recent months. Ubisoft announced earlier this year that the game would be released before April, but with March coming to an end, it seems unlikely that Ubisoft will be able to meet that deadline.

According to a report by Tom Henderson, a journalist for Insider Gaming, the delays in XDefiant’s release are due to problems that Ubisoft’s management has faced in developing the game and turning it into a copy of Call of Duty. Henderson claims that members of the Ubisoft development team are frustrated with the lack of progress on the game.

Another anonymous leaker has said that the main reason for the delay is the insistence of senior management on producing a game that is a complete clone of Call of Duty. Development on XDefiant is still ongoing, and a recent playtest session was held, with another one scheduled to take place soon.

Ubisoft’s Marc Rubin took to social media platform X to say that XDefiant’s release has not been delayed to add new features and that the accusations of copying Call of Duty are completely unfounded.

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