UAE’s G42 Partners with Qualcomm to Boost AI Capabilities

Dubai-based AI firm G42 has signed a collaboration agreement with American chip giant Qualcomm.

Under the new partnership, G42’s Core42 business will utilize Qualcomm’s Cloud AI 100 family of processors in its Condor AI platform. The move is expected to enhance the performance and efficiency of G42’s AI cloud offerings.

G42 is a relatively young company that has made headlines in recent months for its partnerships with major US firms. Last week, Microsoft confirmed that it is investing $1.5 billion in the company.

As the AI landscape heats up, major players are scrambling to gain a foothold in the market. While US companies are competing at the top level, state-owned firms in the UAE and Saudi Arabia have also been making strides. G42 is one of the success stories in Asia.

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