Threads Launches Automatic Offensive Phrase Filter

Social Media Exposure to Offensive Language: Threads Offers a Solution

Venturing into the realm of social media exposes us to a barrage of information from diverse sources, occasionally including encounters with offensive language and similar instances. In response to this concern, the Threads social network has introduced a feature that automatically filters out offensive phrases and even emojis.


Threads’ Hidden Words feature proactively scans content and automatically conceals offensive words and phrases. This functionality extends to Following and For You feeds, search results, profiles, and post replies.



Enabling the Offensive Phrase Filter in Threads

If the offensive phrase filter is not yet active in your Threads account, fret not. According to Meta, the feature will gradually become available to all users.

Steps to Activate the Offensive Phrase Filter:

Update the Threads app to the latest version.

Access your Threads profile page.

Tap the menu icon (represented by two horizontal lines) in the top right corner.

Navigate to the Settings menu and select “Privacy.”

Under Privacy, tap “Hidden Words.”

On the Hidden Words screen, locate the “Offensive words and phrases” section and enable the “On” option. This will instruct Threads to automatically identify and hide offensive words based on its database.

To personalize the filter further, enable the “Custom words and phrases” option.

Tap “Manage custom words and phrases” at the bottom of the Hidden Words screen.

Enter the desired word or phrase and tap “Add.” Your custom list of banned words and phrases will appear below.

From this point forward, any content containing your custom words and phrases, as well as offensive phrases detected by Threads’ algorithms, will be automatically filtered and hidden.


The Hidden Words feature empowers Threads users to curate their online experience, fostering a more positive and inclusive social media environment. By taking advantage of this tool, individuals can effectively shield themselves from offensive language and maintain a sense of control over their digital interactions.

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