Telegram Suspended in Spain Over Copyright Concerns

The Spanish Supreme Court has ordered the suspension of Telegram’s activities in Spain. The blocking of Telegram is the result of a complaint by media companies that claimed that users were publishing their articles on Telegram without official permission.

According to the court order, Telegram will be temporarily blocked in Spain from tomorrow (Monday). Judge Santiago Pedraz says that the claims made by the media companies Atresmedia and Telefonica will be investigated. According to the judge, it is the responsibility of the mobile operators to block Telegram.

Telegram did not respond to Reuters’ request for clarification on the recent developments. The Spanish Supreme Court has also decided to remain silent on the matter for now.

Telegram is the fourth most popular messaging service in Spain. In a survey conducted by the CNMC, 19% of respondents said they were Telegram users. Telegram currently has over 800 million active monthly users worldwide.

Additional details:

The order was issued on Friday, March 23, 2024.
The suspension will take effect on Monday, March 25, 2024.
The affected media companies include Atresmedia, Telefonica, Mediaset, and EGEDA.
The investigation is expected to last for a few days.
Telegram users in Spain can still access the service through VPNs or proxy servers.


Telegram has not yet commented on the suspension.
The Spanish government has said that it respects the decision of the Supreme Court.
Media companies have welcomed the decision, saying that it will protect their intellectual property.
Some users have expressed concern about the impact of the suspension on freedom of speech.
It remains to be seen how long the suspension will last and what impact it will have on Telegram’s popularity in Spain.

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