Telegram Launches Business Version with Exciting Features

The commercial version of the Telegram messenger with exciting features including access to chatbots has been unveiled.

Telegram announced in a press release that from today all users can convert their regular accounts to business accounts to activate a series of special features for them. These features include business hours, location, quick response and chatbot.

Telegram’s newest service, called Telegram Business, makes it possible to access business features without the need for coding knowledge. Prior to the launch of Telegram Business, developers had access to a set of special tools to build powerful bots and mini-apps.

One of the features of the commercial version of Telegram is the ability to set business hours and display location. This information will be visible on your profile page.

Businesses can design a dedicated landing page by activating Telegram Business. On this page, you can use custom text and stickers to greet new users with a special message.

Telegram Business allows you to access the quick responses section. Quick responses are actually shortcuts for sending pre-written messages and can contain links, stickers and files. The commercial version of Telegram also has a welcome message and an away message.

Thanks to Telegram Business, you can also add colored labels to chats to give them a unique look. It is also possible to create a link to the chat page.

One of the most attractive features of Telegram Business is the provision of artificial intelligence chatbots. When adding a chatbot, you can specify which chat the AI service will have access to. Telegram believes that AI chatbots will usher in a new era for the messenger’s bots.

Telegram says that for now all of its business features are available to premium users for free.

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