TCL Creates a Romantic Movie with AI Characters

TCL, a Chinese TV manufacturer, has created a romantic movie where the characters are the result of using artificial intelligence.

The company TCL has released a trailer for a movie called Next Stop Paris, in which some of the characters and scenes are created with artificial intelligence.

Nowadays, AI-based tools are transforming all industries, and the world of video production is no exception. One notable example is SORA, which can produce very good realistic videos. However, AI-generated videos are still in their early stages and need time to improve.

TCL is a major TV manufacturer in China and the second largest TV manufacturer in the world, with a 12.5% market share. The company ships its TVs with the TCLtvPlus streaming service, a free ad-supported service similar to Samsung TV Plus.

The video is one of the first trailers for an AI-generated movie and is very impressive. The AI does a good job with details like lighting and clothing textures, and there are no major problems with character hand movements.

It should be noted that TCL combines AI with motion capture and voice acting of real actors for the film; therefore, not all parts of the video are AI-generated.

Currently, AI cannot independently produce films of the length and quality that audiences expect. However, future advances could pave the way for streaming fully AI-based content.

Those who want to see the romantic movie Next Stop Paris should purchase a TCL TV before this summer.

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