Taiwan Leads in AI Server Production (90%)

Taiwanese government meets with 20 ICT leaders to discuss the current state and growth potential of the industry.

The Taiwanese government held a meeting with 20 leaders from the information and communication technology (ICT) industry at a technology park in northern Taiwan. According to information released at the meeting, Taiwan has captured the market for AI servers.

Taiwanese companies have captured 90% of the global AI server market. It is said that almost all AI servers sold under American brands are dependent on Taiwanese manufacturers.

The meeting aimed to discuss the current state and growth potential of the industry. According to the participants, there are still great opportunities in the AI server market, and demand for these products is increasing.

Key components of AI servers are more expensive than those purchased for general servers. For example, the substrate used in AI chips is said to be about 10 times more expensive than the substrate used to build ordinary server chips. Similar factors are also mentioned in the prices of power supplies connected to AI servers, cooling equipment, and other items.

According to the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan produces 83% of the world’s servers. This figure increases to 90% for AI servers, and reaches 100% when American-branded suppliers are also considered.

These figures are very pleasing to the Taiwanese government and industry owners, but they can be worrying for other countries. This is why the United States and European governments have started to invest heavily in developing their own domestic semiconductor industries to prevent any economic shocks caused by a possible military conflict in the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan is trying to reduce the concentration of its industries within its borders, as we have recently seen with TSMC’s investments in the United States, Japan, and Germany. In addition, the meeting emphasized the entry of Taiwanese companies into various countries such as Germany, Hungary, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the United States, Mexico, and Brazil.

Another interesting statistic from the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs was that Taiwanese manufacturers produce 78% of the world’s laptops and 55% of the world’s computers. The government and industry owners discussed topics such as the 6G network, reducing carbon emissions in manufacturing industries, green energy, and attracting top talent to Taiwan.

Additional details from the meeting:

The Taiwanese government is providing subsidies to encourage companies to develop AI technologies.

The government is also working to create a more favorable environment for foreign investment in the AI sector.

Taiwan is facing increasing competition from China in the AI market.
The Taiwanese government is committed to maintaining its leadership in the global AI industry.

The meeting was a positive step in the development of Taiwan’s AI industry. It brought together government officials and industry leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the sector. The government’s commitment to supporting the AI industry is a good sign for the future of Taiwan’s economy.

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