Spain lifts Telegram ban, judge says concerned about impact on users

The Spanish Supreme Court has temporarily suspended its order to block the messaging app Telegram.

The court had previously ordered the suspension of Telegram in Spain, but it has now reversed that decision, allowing Telegram to continue operating without restrictions. The court is reportedly waiting for an official report from the police on the impact of the temporary ban on users.

On Friday, Judge Santiago Pedraz approved the blocking of Telegram in Spain, stating that the investigation into copyright infringement allegations on the platform would continue alongside the ban. The main reason for the ban was that ordinary users were sharing copyrighted articles on Telegram without permission. The ban on Telegram was scheduled to take effect today.

According to a Reuters report, Judge Pedraz has reversed his initial order and instructed the police to prepare a report focusing on the characteristics of Telegram and the impact of banning the platform on users.

Spanish media companies, including Atresmedia, Mediaset, EGEDA, and Telefonica, had filed a lawsuit against Telegram in court, alleging that the messenger app facilitates continuous copyright infringement. Telegram has not yet responded to the allegations.

The judge in the case was reportedly seeking access to the identities of users accused of copyright infringement and sharing articles from Spanish media outlets, but this information was ultimately not made available to the court.

Telegram is currently the fourth most popular messaging app in Spain, with a survey showing that 19% of the country’s residents use the app.

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