Sony PlayStation 5 Pro to reportedly feature major GPU upgrade

According to a report by Insider Gaming, the PlayStation 5 Pro is set to receive a major upgrade in the graphics processing department. The new GPU is said to be 45% faster in rendering performance and two to four times faster in ray tracing, and it can provide a power of 33.5 teraflops in single-precision format.

The CPU of the PlayStation 5 Pro will likely be the same as the standard version, but it will offer a mode called High CPU Frequency Mode that will increase the clock speed of the processor to 3.85 GHz.

The PlayStation 5 Pro is also said to have a memory bandwidth of 576 GB/s, which is a 28% increase over the standard PlayStation 5’s 448 GB/s bandwidth.

The increased bandwidth will allow for faster transfer of data between the system memory and the GPU, which can help improve overall performance in games.

It is not yet known how much the new PlayStation will cost compared to Sony’s current console, the PS5. It is likely that the aforementioned improvements will drive up the price.

Other rumored features of the PlayStation 5 Pro include:

  • Support for 8K resolution
  • A new “performance mode” for 1440p resolution
  • A custom machine learning architecture

The PlayStation 5 Pro is expected to be released in 2024.

Here are some additional details about the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro:

  • GPU: AMD Radeon RDNA 3
  • CPU: AMD Zen 2
  • Memory: 16 GB GDDR6
  • Storage: 2 TB SSD
  • Optical drive: 4K Blu-ray drive
  • Dimensions: 390mm x 260mm x 92mm
  • Weight: 5.2kg

The PlayStation 5 Pro is a significant upgrade over the standard PlayStation 5, and it will be interesting to see how it performs when it is released in 2024.

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