Sony Launches New ULT Series Speakers and Headphones with a Focus on Powerful Bass

Sony has unveiled three new speakers and a pair of headphones under the new ULT Power Sound brand. The new products are all focused on delivering powerful bass, and they feature a dedicated ULT button that can be used to boost the bass even further.

The flagship product in the new lineup is the ULT Tower 10, a large 29-kilogram speaker with colorful music-synced lighting, a built-in microphone, and omnidirectional sound. The ULT Tower 10 is priced at $1,199.

The second new speaker is the ULT Field 7, which is Sony’s new flagship Bluetooth speaker and is designed to replace the SRS-XG500. The ULT Field 7 starts at $499 and is over half a meter wide, making it a fairly large speaker. It has a handle for portability.

Sony says the ULT Field 7 can play music for up to 30 hours, although that drops to 25 hours if you enable the ULT and lighting modes. The speaker has a seven-band EQ for sound customization, and it’s IP67 rated for water and dust resistance. It also has a rust-proof body.

The third and final new speaker is the ULT Field 1, which is a portable speaker that comes in a variety of colors (black, gray, green, and orange) and is priced at $129. The ULT Field 1 has a compact body but still delivers powerful bass.

The ULT Field 1 only has one ULT sound mode, and it can play music for up to 12 hours on a single charge. It has a strap so you can easily attach it to your bag.

In addition to the three new speakers, Sony also unveiled the ULT Wear headphones, which are designed to replace the WH-XB910. The headphones are priced at $199.99.

The ULT Wear features some of the same features as the premium 1000XM5 headphones, such as on-ear detection, improved noise canceling, head-motion-based immersive sound, and faster charging.

However, the best version of Sony’s active noise cancellation (ANC) is still only available on the 1000XM5 headphones. The Japanese company says the drivers in the ULT Wear have been specially tuned to deliver deep bass.

All of the new ULT Power Sound products except for the ULT Field 1 will be available before the end of spring. The ULT Field 1 is scheduled to be released in the summer.

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