Snapchat Disables Controversial ‘Solar System’ Feature After Backlash

A controversial and controversial Snapchat feature that has drawn a lot of criticism has been disabled by default.

A feature of the Snapchat app called Solar System has been disabled by default. This ranking system, exclusive to paying subscribers, shows you how close you are to your friends on Snapchat by displaying your position in the solar system. For example, a friend in the “Mercury” position is someone you interact with a lot.

Since online chat is not necessarily associated with real-world relationships, the feature has a negative impact on the mood of teenagers; especially when they realize they are not as close to their friends as they thought.

Snap (the company that makes Snapchat) has disabled the Solar System feature by default instead of removing it entirely. Therefore, users can still enable it from the settings section.

In a press release, Snap says disabling the feature strikes a balance so that users who like it can still use it. The company admits that the Solar System feature is not popular and less than 0.25% of the community uses it.

Snap says it is committed to mitigating the potential downsides of online communication as much as possible. Snapchat has previously offered controversial features and tools that have led to several lawsuits against it.


Additional Information:

The Solar System feature was introduced in February 2024 as part of Snapchat+.

The feature was criticized for exacerbating anxiety and insecurity among teenagers.

Snap says it will continue to listen to feedback and make changes to its features as needed.

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