Screen Recording on Macintosh Computers

Macintosh computers, also known as Macs and MacBooks, offer a user-friendly method for screen capture through readily available keyboard shortcuts. This functionality surpasses, in terms of ease of use, that found on many mobile devices.

The screen recording options extend to capturing audio as well. This audio is channeled through the built-in microphone of the Mac or any externally connected microphone. It is important to note that the audio quality may not be optimal.


Using the Screenshot Utility

Apple’s screenshot utility allows for the capture of both the entire screen and designated portions. To access the screen recording toolbar, press the key combination Shift + Command + 5. This will present a toolbar with various buttons positioned at the lower part of the screen. To record the entirety of the screen, choose the button labeled “Record Entire Screen.”

For recordings limited to a specific area of the display, select the button “Record Selected Portion.” Subsequently, use your mouse to drag a window until it reaches the desired size for the recording. The resolution of the resulting video will be reflected in the numerical values displayed during the selection process. Initiate the recording by pressing the record button. Once you have completed the recording, you can either re-open the screen recording menu or press the “Stop” button. This button will be positioned at the top right corner of the screen, adjacent to the focus button.


Audio Recording Options

The screen recording process can be configured to capture audio using either the Mac’s microphone or an external microphone. Within the screenshot menu, clicking the “Options” button allows you to choose the preferred microphone for audio recording. Additionally, you can instruct the system to limit the screen recording to a duration of five or ten seconds and to incorporate mouse clicks into the captured video.


QuickTime Player (Optional)

For older Macs that retain compatibility with the discontinued QuickTime Player application, this software presents an alternative method for screen recording. While the keyboard shortcut approach offers a more streamlined experience, QuickTime Player provides a wider range of options for audio recording at various quality levels. To access these options within QuickTime Player, navigate to the “File” menu and select “New Screen Recording.” The desired audio quality can be chosen from the options bar. It is important to note that audio quality control is unavailable when selecting “New Video Recording.”

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