Samsung Expanding Gaming Hub Service to Mobile Phones

Samsung’s Gaming Hub service will soon be available on the company’s mobile phones after being available on Samsung TVs.

Gaming Hub, Samsung’s cloud gaming streaming service, has become a popular choice for Samsung TV users and is now set to make its way to Samsung phones.

Gaming Hub is somewhat similar to services like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Each of these services has its own dedicated app for different platforms. Samsung offers all of its Gaming Hub services to its users in a single app.

Samsung says the main goal of Gaming Hub is to provide quick access to most cloud-based games in one app. The service also makes it easier for mobile users to access games.

The Gaming Hub app can be used as a place to automatically store games downloaded from the Play Store or Galaxy Store. Currently, Gaming Hub is in beta and has a limited number of games that will be expanded over time.

Here are some of the key features of Samsung Gaming Hub:

  • Access to a wide variety of cloud-based games
  • Easy access to games from different providers
  • Automatic storage of downloaded games
  • Ability to play games on a mobile device without a console
  • Samsung Gaming Hub is expected to be released on select Samsung phones in the coming months.
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