Samsung Catches Up: Seamless Updates Arrive on Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy A55 brings Seamless Updates to the Galaxy family

The wait is finally over. Samsung has finally joined the likes of Google and OnePlus in offering seamless updates for its smartphones. The Galaxy A55 is the first Samsung phone to receive this feature, and it’s likely to be rolled out to other Galaxy devices soon.

What is Seamless Update?

Seamless Update is a feature that allows users to continue using their phones while an update is being downloaded and installed. This is done by installing the update on a second, inactive partition instead of the primary active partition. Once the update is installed, the phone is rebooted and the second partition becomes the active one, applying the update in the process.

How does it work on the Galaxy A55?

The update process on the Galaxy A55 consists of two stages: download and install, and verification. The first stage can be done in the background while the phone is being used, while the second stage requires a reboot.

According to SamMobile, the Galaxy A55 takes about 90 seconds to reboot after a seamless update. This is a significant improvement compared to the previous method, which could take several minutes.

Does it require more storage space?

Yes, the seamless update process requires two partitions, which means it takes up more storage space. However, according to SamMobile’s tests, the available user space on the Galaxy A55 is not affected by the feature.

A welcome change

Seamless update is a welcome change that will make it more convenient for users to keep their phones up to date. It’s also a good move by Samsung, as it could make its phones more appealing to potential buyers.


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