Samsung and Google Deepen AI Collaboration for Android Devices

Samsung and Google’s partnership in artificial intelligence (AI) has deepened more than ever before.

Samsung introduced the Circle to Search feature for its Galaxy S24 series before Google even announced it for its Pixel phones, highlighting the close collaboration between the two companies in the field of AI.

Further AI collaborations between Google and Samsung are expected in the future. A post on Samsung’s official XDA account and comments by Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of platforms and devices, indicate that the two companies are working together to develop new AI features for Android smartphones.

Osterloh says that Samsung and Google’s collaboration is now deeper than ever before, and continued collaboration in AI presents a wealth of opportunities for both companies.

Samsung has announced that it is working with Google to achieve a shared vision of providing the best Android product and service ecosystem, and has announced exciting AI experiences for Android and Galaxy.

Given the current collaborations between Samsung and Google, we can expect to see more AI features in Samsung and Google devices in the near future, developed through the collaboration of these two tech giants.

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