Qualcomm Expects No Revenue from Huawei After New US Export Ban

Qualcomm has announced that it expects no revenue from Huawei after the new US export ban. The company’s statement comes after the US government revoked its license to sell 4G chips and other products to Huawei and its affiliates.

Qualcomm had already been banned from selling 5G chips to Huawei since 2019. The new ban now essentially prevents Qualcomm from providing its main products, including smartphone and laptop processors, to Huawei.

Intel is also affected by the new US ban. The company says that the ban revokes “certain specific export authorizations for consumer products.” This means that Intel may still be able to sell server chips to Huawei, which are not typically available to consumers.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the US action, saying that it opposes the use of export controls to unfairly suppress Chinese companies.

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