President Biden Issues Executive Order on AI Advancements

From now on, U.S. government agencies are required to follow a set of rules for the use of artificial intelligence.

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, issued an executive order five months ago to address the surprising advancements in artificial intelligence. This order, known as EO, obliges U.S. executive devices and government agencies to monitor the moment-to-moment advancements of artificial intelligence and provide solutions to reduce potential biases.

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, told the media, “We in the government have a moral duty to ensure that artificial intelligence not only does not harm the general public, but also brings them pleasure and improves their well-being.”

According to the U.S. government’s executive order, all government devices and the private sector must ensure that artificial intelligence products have a specific protective guarantee and do not endanger people’s rights and security; otherwise, they may face consequences such as the cessation of the use of that artificial intelligence.

Some of the items in Biden’s executive order include maintaining election security, controlling infrastructures like water systems, services like power grids, self-driving vehicles, and the performance of robots in workplaces and schools.

Government and private institutions are also required to publish a list of all artificial intelligence systems along with risk assessments and how to manage them, and if an agency cannot disclose specific items due to confidentiality, it must still report them to the government.

Under the new law, federal devices must hire a senior artificial intelligence manager in their organization to ensure that the use of artificial intelligence will proceed according to the frameworks. For many organizations, a deadline has been set to form an artificial intelligence board.

The new U.S. policy is part of a set of laws that aim to somewhat control the rapid and forward movement of artificial intelligence.

Previously, we have seen many strict laws in the European Union. Different states in America have each separately enacted specific laws for the use of artificial intelligence, for example, in the state of Utah, a law has been passed to protect people against artificial intelligence fraudsters, and in the state of Tennessee, a law called “Audio and Video Security” has been enacted that prevents the simulation of the voices of artists and celebrities.

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