Nubia Unveils New Photography-Focused Smartphone with AI Enhancements

ZTE has introduced a new variant of the Nubia Z60 Ultra smartphone, dubbed the Nubia Z60 Ultra Photographer Edition. This new model emphasizes camera capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements, building upon the foundation of the original Z60 Ultra released in late 2023 as Nubia’s most powerful offering.

Design and Hardware

The Nubia Z60 Ultra Photographer Edition sports a distinct rear panel design that further accentuates its camera-centric focus, reminiscent of a classic point-and-shoot camera.

While details on the specific AI improvements are still under wraps, it’s likely that these enhancements will be software-based, as the Photographer Edition utilizes the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor as the original Z60 Ultra.

Availability and Pricing

ZTE has yet to officially announce the pricing and availability details for the Nubia Z60 Ultra Photographer Edition. However, we can expect more information to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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