Neuralink Unveils ‘Blindsight’ Chip to Restore Vision

Elon Musk says Neuralink is working on a new chip called Blindsight

In an era where the line between science fiction and reality is blurring thanks to technological advances, Neuralink, as one of the world’s most talked-about startups, is pursuing ambitious goals based on science.

Neuralink is working on a new chip called Blindsight that will eventually restore vision to blind people. The news of the development of Blindsight was announced by Elon Musk himself, following Neuralink’s major achievement of implanting the “Telepathy” chip in the brain of a 29-year-old disabled person.

Telepathy is Neuralink’s first chip that has been successfully implanted in the brain of a 29-year-old person, allowing him to control a computer mouse with his thoughts and play chess. Blindsight will be Neuralink’s next project.

Blindsight will work by first capturing visual data through a camera. The data is then processed by a computer to convert it into a format that the brain can understand: electrical impulses. The Neuralink chip, which is implanted in the person’s brain, then stimulates the visual cortex with patterns after receiving the electrical impulses. This can mimic the natural visual perception of the brain.

For people whose visual pathways have been disrupted due to genetic causes, injuries, or specific diseases, this method could provide an alternative pathway and restore their ability to see. In this case, the brain can receive visual information without relying on the usual pathways associated with the eyes and optic nerve.

Neuralink’s ultimate goal is to stimulate the brain in such a way that it can interpret the signals as meaningful visual data.

Neuralink is not alone in the field of brain-computer chip development; however, the company’s first chip has attracted more attention than similar chips due to its large number of electrodes. In addition, Neuralink has the backing of Elon Musk.

Additional Information:

  • Neuralink is a company founded by Elon Musk in 2016 that develops implantable brain-computer interfaces.
  • The company’s goal is to create devices that can connect the human brain to computers, allowing people to control devices with their thoughts and to access information directly from the internet.
  • Neuralink has raised over $300 million in funding and has a team of over 200 employees.
  • The company has not yet released any commercial products, but it has conducted several successful animal trials.
  • In 2020, Neuralink implanted a chip in the brain of a pig named Gertrude. The chip was able to record the pig’s neural activity in real time.
  • In 2021, Neuralink implanted a chip in the brain of a monkey named Pager. The chip was able to allow the monkey to play a video game using its thoughts.


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