Musk’s Bot Crackdown Means Fewer Followers for X Users

X (formerly Twitter) announced in a statement that the number of followers users have may soon decrease as the social network strives to rid the platform of any spam and bots.

The X social platform plans to use a creative, preventive, and important method to remove accounts that violate the rules related to spam and deception on the platform.

With the aim of maintaining security, X wants to create a large network that is free of any bots. This X solution will result in the removal of spam and bots and ultimately a decrease in the number of followers users have.

X has shared a link for users who have been identified as bots and whose accounts have been deleted to submit an appeal.

X’s new decision to remove spam and bots came shortly after the appointment of Kylie McRoberts as Head of Safety and Yil Cohen as Head of Brand Safety.

In November 2022, Elon Musk emphasized to his employees that they should prioritize combating spam accounts in their activities; however, combating spam is more difficult than he thought, and many factors contributed to Musk’s failure to achieve his goal in this area.

The layoffs of the X Trust and Safety team left the company short-staffed. After Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk and Ella Irwin and Yoel Roth left the company, the position of Head of Safety was vacant for 10 months. Advances in artificial intelligence have also made it more difficult to eliminate all spam.

It seems that Elon Musk’s plan to require users to pay a fee to receive verification SMS did not prevent the creation of spam accounts on the X social network.

Some of the X bots have a blue verified check mark that has responded to some X posts with sentences like “I’m sorry, I can’t provide an answer because it’s against OpenAI’s policy,” which shows that the response was given by a robot.

Reports show that some spam accounts reply to various posts and ask users to follow the link provided in the account bio, thereby directing users to adult content.


Elon Musk’s crackdown on bots and spam is a necessary step to improve the user experience on X. However, it is likely that this will lead to a decrease in the number of followers users have.

This is because many of the bots and spam accounts that will be removed are currently following legitimate users. In addition, some users may choose to delete their accounts if they see a significant decrease in their follower count.

Despite the potential for a decrease in followers, Musk’s crackdown on bots and spam is a positive development. It will make the X platform more secure and enjoyable for users.

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