Moderna and OpenAI Partner to Accelerate mRNA Medicine Development through AI Integration

Moderna and OpenAI have established a collaborative effort to incorporate AI across various aspects of Moderna’s operations, including research, legal, and manufacturing departments. This integration grants Moderna’s teams access to ChatGPT Enterprise, a powerful AI tool designed to enhance efficiency and productivity.

The implementation of AI is anticipated to propel Moderna beyond its initial success with the COVID-19 vaccine. The company projects launching fifteen new mRNA-based products within the next five years, exceeding previous expectations. St├ęphane Bancel, Moderna’s CEO, emphasizes the partnership’s significance in advancing the company’s future endeavors beyond COVID-19 vaccines. He envisions the development of mRNA medicines capable of preventing other viral infections and treating cancer.

Bancel expresses strong enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting his admiration for ChatGPT since its release in late 2022. He encourages extensive utilization of the technology by Moderna’s employees, aiming for a minimum of twenty daily interactions per user. Bancel draws a parallel between the transformative impact of personal computers in the 1980s and the potential of AI to revolutionize modern life. He acknowledges OpenAI’s leadership in this domain and underscores the partnership’s critical role in scaling Moderna’s operations and maximizing patient benefit.

The partnership has its roots in 2023 with the launch of mChat, Moderna’s adaptation of ChatGPT. Since then, Moderna has deployed over 750 generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs) across its business. These AI models, developed by OpenAI, automate various tasks, including the selection of optimal dosages for clinical trials.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, commends Moderna’s proactive approach in empowering all employees to leverage AI for problem-solving. He expresses continued commitment to collaborating with Moderna in delivering the next generation of life-saving medicines to patients worldwide.

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