Microsoft is reportedly working on a handheld Xbox console

Following the relatively successful sales of handheld consoles like the Steam Deck, many major PC manufacturers including Asus and Lenovo have considered producing similar products. According to an unofficial report, Microsoft also intends to enter this field and independently build its own Windows-based handheld console without collaborating with another company.

Although the Steam Deck was able to bring handheld consoles back to the attention of gamers, especially PC enthusiasts, subsequent products such as the Rog Ally and Legion Go showed that such consoles do not necessarily have to come with mid-range or weak hardware. They can also use optimized but powerful processors alongside high-quality displays. This had led many Microsoft and Xbox fans to expect such a product from the Redmond company as well.


What are the possible features of Microsoft’s handheld console?

Rumors now suggest that Microsoft’s handheld console is under development in line with the Xbox ecosystem, and we may see it introduced and released to the market in the near future. According to Jez Corden, a well-known Xbox insider, prototypes of the device have been developed entirely independently by Microsoft and have the necessary hardware to run games without streaming.

It is worth noting that Phil Spencer, CEO of gaming and Xbox at Microsoft, recently stated that the next project in this division will be unique and powerful. The Xbox executive also said that the new Xbox family product will arrive this summer and that the company is working on an ambitious generation of home gaming consoles.

Late last year, there were also reports of Microsoft’s efforts to build a handheld Xbox console for streaming games. This lightweight device was expected to provide the interface and controller needed to play Xbox games through cloud gaming platforms. However, such a product has not yet been officially confirmed, and no details about the development process or the release date of the product have been released. Therefore, it is possible that Microsoft has discontinued this project.

It goes without saying that gamers are not particularly interested in non-standalone consoles that can only stream games over the network, and products that have been released in this area so far have not been very successful in sales. On the other hand, PC gamers have shown a great deal of interest in handheld consoles equipped with Windows, which can also be used as a personal computer when connected to a monitor. Therefore, it is not far-fetched that Microsoft would build a standalone console with the ability to run games offline instead of a lighter version for streaming them.


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