Microsoft Edge’s new feature lets users better manage the RAM it occupies

Microsoft is reportedly developing a new feature for Edge that will give users more control over RAM management.

The new Edge feature was revealed by a user named Leopeva64 in a post on X (formerly Twitter). The feature will be accessible through the Settings page and the System and Performance section. A new option called “Control how much RAM Edge can use” will be added in this section, which will allow for better management of the RAM consumption of the Edge browser.

New RAM management feature of Microsoft Edge browser

Users will be able to enable Edge’s RAM management feature permanently or only when playing games. The feature’s description says: “Setting a limit can impact browser performance.”

The RAM management feature is currently available in Edge Canary and is only enabled for select users, so even if you are using Edge Canary, you may not have the feature enabled.

Edge’s main competitor, Google Chrome, recently added the ability to see the RAM usage of each open tab, but it has not yet offered a feature for overall RAM usage control.

Microsoft is also developing a way to make the new Game View feature in Edge easier to access. This feature, which is part of the Copilot service, now gives users an option to automatically launch the Game View panel when switching between the game window and the browser.


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