Microsoft Developing AI Chatbot for Xbox Support

Microsoft is developing a new AI chatbot for Xbox that will be used by the support team. The service reportedly has an “embodied AI character” that will animate when answering questions.

The new chatbot is part of a larger project by Microsoft to integrate AI across the Xbox platform and services.

According to The Verge, the Xbox chatbot is connected to Microsoft’s support documents and can answer questions and process game refunds on the Microsoft website.

In recent days, the number of employees who have access to the Xbox chatbot has increased. The chatbot, currently called the Xbox Support Virtual Agent, may eventually be released to the public. The Verge says that Microsoft has confirmed the existence of the chatbot.

With the release of the Xbox chatbot, gamers will be able to get answers to their questions about Xbox console problems or subscription issues much faster than before.

Sources familiar with the matter told The Verge that Microsoft wants to bring AI-based capabilities to game content creation and operations related to games, the Xbox platform, and devices. This will make AI play a much bigger role in the development of Xbox games.


Additional Information:

The chatbot is currently in the prototype phase.
It is not clear when the chatbot will be released to the public.
The chatbot will be used to answer questions and process game refunds.
Microsoft is also working on integrating AI into game content creation and operations.

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