Meta’s Median Employee Salary Reaches $379,000 in 2023

A recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reveals that Meta’s median employee compensation reached $379,000 in 2023. This figure signifies a significant position within the tech industry, where average salaries range from $35,000 to $120,000 depending on the specific role.

While Meta’s median salary is undoubtedly impressive, it is important to acknowledge the context within the Big Tech landscape. Major competitors like Google and Amazon also offer positions exceeding $300,000 in total compensation.

The SEC filing additionally highlights CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s total compensation of $24.4 million in 2023. Notably, the vast majority originated from security and logistical costs, as his base salary remained at $1.

However, attractive compensation packages do not necessarily equate to a relaxed work environment. Earlier in 2024, Zuckerberg announced the company’s “Year of Efficiency” initiative, emphasizing performance reviews and potential staff reductions, would become a permanent fixture. This aligns with the reported 22% workforce reduction since 2022.

Despite strong earnings reported in the most recent quarter, Meta’s continued investment in AI, as outlined by Zuckerberg, has caused some investor concern.

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