Meta AI Chatbot Launches Globally, Powered by New Language Model Llama 3

Meta has officially launched its Meta AI chatbot across its social media platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger. The move comes as the company seeks to establish its dominance in the AI chatbot race, following the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Meta AI will be integrated into the search bar of each platform, allowing users to interact with the AI directly. Additionally, Meta AI will have its own dedicated feed on Facebook. The company aims to make Meta AI the smartest and most accessible free AI assistant in the world.

To enhance the capabilities of its AI, Meta has also introduced a new large language model called Llama 3. Llama 3 is an open-source model that outperforms its predecessors on key benchmarks, particularly in code processing. Meta has released two smaller versions of Llama 3 and plans to release the full multi-modal version in the coming months.

Meta AI is the only chatbot that provides real-time search results from both Bing and Google. The chatbot will automatically choose which search engine to use based on the user’s query.

Meta AI’s image generation system has also been updated to create animations (or GIFs). Additionally, high-quality AI-generated images can now be created in real time as the user types.

Meta AI was previously only available in the US, but it is now expanding to Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, and several other countries. Meta AI currently supports English, with additional languages to be added in the future.

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