Logitech M750 Mouse with AI Button: Streamline Your Workflow with ChatGPT

Logitech introduces a special edition M750 mouse with a dedicated AI button for one-click access to ChatGPT.

While many upcoming computers are expected to feature a dedicated Copilot button on the keyboard, Logitech is gearing up for ChatGPT integration; the company’s AI tool called Logi AI Prompt Builder is now accessible to users through a dedicated button on either a mouse or keyboard.

Logi AI Prompt Builder goes beyond a simple chatbot by providing pre-made prompts to help users better articulate their requests.

By pressing the dedicated AI button while working with the Logitech mouse, users can ask it to rephrase or shorten text paragraphs. Another default prompt from the chatbot helps users summarize press releases, and it can even create new images if you’re a paid ChatGPT subscriber.

The Logitech M750 mouse features a green-blue key to quickly launch Logitech’s AI tool. The mouse is priced at $50 and £55 in the US and UK, respectively.

While you don’t necessarily need this brand’s AI mouse to access Logitech’s chatbot, you do need to have at least one of their products, as Prompt Builder is part of the Logi Options Plus software.

Currently, Logi AI Prompt Builder only works with ChatGPT and in English. Logitech says it will provide users with the ability to use other AI chatbots in the future.

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