Key Xbox Executive Kareem Choudhry Leaves Microsoft After 26 Years

Amidst strategic changes in the Xbox division, one of the key executives of this Microsoft division has left the company.

Kareem Choudhry, an Xbox executive, is leaving Microsoft after 26 years with the company. According to Windows Central, Choudhry is no longer active at Microsoft as of today, and his departure has disrupted some of Xbox’s operations.

Choudhry’s departure comes six months after a major leadership change at Xbox and amid ongoing changes in the strategy of Microsoft’s gaming unit.

In recent months, Choudhry has focused on Xbox’s artificial intelligence programs, including the Xbox AI chatbot. He also played a key role in developing the ability to run previous generations of Xbox games on newer generations, and in 2019 he helped launch xCloud, paving the way for the introduction of the Xbox cloud gaming service.

Choudhry’s former team, called Xbox Emerging Tech, will continue to operate under the leadership of Xbox hardware chief Ron Sonne. There is also a new team called Xbox Experiences and Platforms, led by Ashley McKissick and Kevin Gammill. The main goal of this team is to improve the user experience on both Microsoft’s Windows and console gaming platforms.

The changes in Microsoft’s gaming unit come as the company continues to explore new strategies for its gaming division.

Earlier this year, we saw the release of a number of Xbox exclusive titles for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, and the game Sea of Thieves is also scheduled to be released for Sony’s gaming console on April 30th.

Microsoft is still evaluating the release of other Xbox exclusive games for PlayStation 5. According to reports, the release of Sea of Thieves is considered a key test case for deciding whether to release other games on competing platforms.

Microsoft is also developing next-generation Xbox hardware, and Xbox chief Phil Spencer has hinted in a recent interview that a handheld Xbox console could be introduced.

Spencer has also hinted at the possibility of Xbox supporting PC stores like the Epic Games Store, which suggests that the company is still considering making larger changes to its overall Xbox strategy.

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