Intel XeSS 1.3 Improves Game Resolution with AI

Intel has unveiled a new version of its XeSS upscaling technology, XeSS 1.3, with a promise of improved performance. The technology uses artificial intelligence to increase image resolution and competes with Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD FidelityFX.

Intel’s benchmarks, conducted on games modified with the XeSS beta, show that when games are run on a system with Arc A750 graphics, the average frame rate increases by 10% and the effects of Aliasing (image stepping) and Ghosting (image shadowing) are reduced.

The frame rate in games that were run on a system equipped with Intel integrated graphics with XeSS 1.3 technology increased by an average of 10% compared to XeSS. In some games, there was a greater increase. For example, in Diablo 4, this increase was about 28%.

The new version of XeSS showed improvements when tested on a system with an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor, but the improvements were not as significant as with the Arc A750. The Blue Team expects XeSS 1.3 to provide an average 8% frame rate increase over the original XeSS.

Intel developed XeSS 1.3 technology with a focus on optimizing the AI model and training it with difficult and complex image data. According to Intel, the final result in the new version includes improved Anti-Aliasing algorithm, reduced Ghosting and more stability.

Currently, over 100 games support Intel’s XeSS, but that’s less than the 300 games and software titles that work with Nvidia’s DLSS. Intel’s next-generation graphics entered the market long after Nvidia’s, so it’s understandable why Intel is lagging behind in this area. Fresh news from Microsoft could help Intel catch up with Nvidia.

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced DirectSR, which is compatible with Nvidia DLSS, AMD FidelityFX and Intel XeSS. This API will soon enter the Windows public preview and can greatly help developers to easily target Intel-based systems.


Additional Information:

Intel XeSS 1.3 is available now for developers to integrate into their games.

Intel expects XeSS to be supported by over 200 games by the end of 2023.

Microsoft’s DirectSR API will be available in the Windows public preview in the coming months.

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