Intel ARC Graphics Driver Boosts DirectX11 Game Performance by Up to 48%

Intel has released a new driver for its ARC graphics cards that significantly improves the performance of DirectX11-based games. The new driver delivers performance gains of 5% to 48%, depending on the game and settings.

For instance, games like Days Gone, Unturned, and VRChat see a 5% performance boost, while games like Dyson Sphere Program, Fortnite, Lethal Company, and Mass Effect experience a 15% performance improvement.

Games like Astronner, Need for Speed Heat, and Mass Effect also witness performance gains of 30% to 48%, especially on integrated graphics found in Core Ultra chips.

The new driver also fixes various bugs in games like No Rest for the Wicked and Assetto Corsa and makes optimizations for Halo Infinite and Diablo 4.

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