Instagram’s Blend: A TikTok Rival in the Making

Instagram is developing a new feature called Blend that creates personalized Reels content for you and one of your friends. The Meta-owned social network announced that the feature is currently in the early stages and has not yet begun public testing.

The Instagram Blend feature was first discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi, who has a very good track record of identifying new Instagram features under development.

Paluzzi shared a screenshot on X (formerly Twitter) showing that the Blend feature suggests Reels based on what the user has shared and liked.

If you invite your friend to a Blend on Instagram, the platform will generate a personalized feed of Reels that would be interesting for both of you.

Blend seems to be somewhat similar to a similar feature that Spotify introduced on its platform in 2021; a feature that allows two people to combine their favorite songs into a shared playlist.

The leaked screenshot of the Instagram Blend feature shows that the suggested content of this tool will be private between you and your friend, and you can leave it at any time.

The Instagram Blend feature is designed to help you discover new Reels together, and as a result, it can be considered a way to increase engagement and watch time for Reels.

Since users send their favorite Reels to others via Direct, Instagram now uses that information to actively suggest and display other Reels that both users are likely to enjoy.

The Blend feature is in the early stages of development and it is not yet clear when Instagram will make it available to the public.

Here are some additional details about the Instagram Blend feature:

  • The feature is currently in the early stages of development and has not yet begun public testing.
  • The feature will allow users to create personalized Reels content with a friend.
  • The feature will be based on the user’s interests and activity on Instagram.
  • The feature will be private between the two users.
  • The feature is expected to be released in the future, but there is no specific date yet.
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